Displacement and Resettlement


Throughout history there have always been people who were forced to flee their homes.  The United States has long been seen as a country of immigrants.  However, each time a group of people begins coming to the United States in large groups, it seems that some of the people whose ancestors had previously immigrated to the United States are resistant to the new groups of immigrants.  In the 1800’s and early 1900’s  some citizens of the United States resisted the Irish, German and Italians entering the United States en masse.  I selected this image because it shows one of the greatest struggles that a refugee encounters upon being resettled in the United States, being unwanted by some citizens in the United States.  Some citizens of the United States welcome refugees and immigrants with open arms while others resist refugees and immigrants entering to the United States.  Recently, the number of refugees that the United States will potentially admit per year has been lowered.  This image depicts a challenge that refugees and immigrants encounter, being unwanted and not trusted by some of the citizens of the United States.  Communities of refugees, and their supportive neighbors must work together to create a feeling of inclusion among those who live in refugee communities.  This helps to ensure that more refugees who are resettled in the community feel safe, at home and welcomed. 

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