Justice: Fighting Discriminatory Immigration Policies


The New Sanctuary Movement promotes justice and dignity for all immigrants. The New Sanctuary Movement also advocates for policy change in immigration policies.  The organization’s goals are decided by immigrants who are affected by immigration laws.  However, the organization relies heavily on the support of allies in the community.  Allies are those who may not be immigrants themselves but, support immigrants and the New Sanctuary Movement in its mission of  ending injustices against immigrants regardless of status.  Immigrants and allies of the New Sanctuary Movement are supportive of the New Sanctuary Movement’s values of: Dignity, Community, Mutuality and Spiritual Nonviolence.  Members of the Philadelphia community come together to support the right of all immigrants to reside at a place of their choosing without persecution from the authorities and community.  A recent victory for justice by the New Sanctuary Movement, in partnership with the Philadelphia Family Unity Network, has ended all collaboration between Philadelphia city officials and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  This victory  has the potential to keep many immigrant families intact, by protecting immigrants from deportation by the federal government.  Along with pushing for justice for the entire immigrant community, the New Sanctuary Movement also promotes the rights of individuals.  On December 13th, 2017, Carmela Libre and her children sought sanctuary at the Church of the Advocate, a member church of the New Sanctuary Movement.  It was from here, in the protection of the church, that Carmela is fighting her deportation order and injustices in immigration policy.

You can sign a petition in support of Carmela Libre and her children: https://action.groundswell-mvmt.org/petitions/carmela-libre-grant-asylum-to-her-her-children-in-sanctuary-at-church-of-the-advocate.

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