Housing: A Human Right

Water, food and shelter are essential for one to feel secure.  Food, shelter and water should be provided for all people.  People around the world view the United States as  a very wealthy country.  Many of these people would be astonished to know that homelessness and lack of food are common in the United States.  There are some areas of Philadelphia where poverty and lack of food,  water and shelter are more pertinent than other areas.  Kensington, which recently cleared an encampment along the train tracks forcing many people who had been living homeless by the tracks out into the open.  There are now people living in tents along Kensington Avenue near Lehigh Avenue.  Many of the homeless in this area are addicted to drugs, particularly heroin.  There are housing programs, such as, PROJECT H.O.M.E. and the Bridge program which help people obtain housing but it can take years to receive the subsidy.  It’s unacceptable to have such a large population of homeless in the United States.homeless

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