Xenophobia: the West’s fear of Change and Diversity

In recent years xenophobia seems to becoming more common in both the United States and Europe.   I started noticing xenophobia becoming more prominent in the United States around the time Barrack Obama became elected.  I feel that many European Americans began fearing that the benefits that they received through systemic racism and white privilege would be taken away.  Since a person of color became president, many European-Americans began saying that they want to “Take the Country Back.”  In reality no one stole the country, but many European Americans were threatened by an African-American president.  People were even demanding to see Barrack Obama’s birth certificate to prove he is American, like freed slaves had to show their papers in the 1800’s.  More recently with the election of Donald Trump, many Latin Americans who have lives and families in the United States have been deported.  Donald Trump is fueling xenophobia through hateful and divisive rhetoric toward immigrants.  I feel that Donald Trump is normalizing xenophobia and making people feel that it is ok to be racist.  It is important for those to stand in solidarity with immigrants in their communities to protect their neighbors from deportation.  The government should support immigrants, instead the government is demonizing minorities through xenophobic and racist policies such as the Muslim ban and border wall.

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